Write "I want to meet soon!"、Nearly

Yesterday night、I was sent a message to women post、
The message had come。

But、Morning at six o'clock、I "Do you meet from now on" ...。
寝てたわい(T-T) now、It's already past noon。

However、This kind of crazy reply、Highly likely to be a real amateur。

Body with "married person" in the profile、
Probably because of my husband's work、
It's not such time、I think I can't exchange emails。

Sakura bothered、I can't send a message at 6 o'clock。

But、I sent a message saying "How about another day?"、
No reply。 disappointing。

In the old days、Set a date、Make a promise to meet ...、It was a laid-back feeling、
now、Looking at the post、Write "I want to meet soon!"、Like most。

It ’s also on LINE、which is、Is it because I can communicate?
me too、If you find a partner、which is、It seems better to be ready to go shooting。

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